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HFL Scheme In Situ

HFL Robin Hood

HFL Reception

HFL Peters Office 3

HFL Peters Office Trent Bridge

HFL Peters Office 1

HFL Peters Office 'The Mist Rolling In From The Trent'

HFL Old Market Square

HFL Meeting Office

HFL Ice Arena

HFL Hallway

HFL Reception

HFL Brian Clough

Jamie Wood - Director - East Midlands Orthodontics

‘We were very pleased with the work that Elastic Canvas did for our business.

We were attracted to Matt’s approach as it was different from the norm and we have since received many positive comments from our clients regarding the work that he did for us.

Matt completed the project on time and within budget and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.’

Peter Frogson –
Director of HFL Financial Advisers

360 Photos of Installed HFL Scheme

HFL Scheme Gallery

HFL Digital Renders

Renders I presented HFL, as part of the design process, of how the scheme would look before going into production

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